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Amazing Billiard TRICK SHOTS
19 Jan 2021
Amazing Billiard TRICK SHOTS
crobwin · 15 Views

Amazing Domino Pool Trick Shots!


Pool table trick shots with dominoes! Using ramps made of dominoes, mini staircases, and larger sized dominoes, I had domino lines hit the pool balls into the pockets. Do you have any other ideas for the next domino pool trick shot video? WATCH THE FAIL VIDEO ?

A lot of these clips were made during at RPI Domino Toppling club meetings (the domino club I started during college!) Thanks to all the members for helping out with some of these projects :) This was a good test run using the ramp technique on the pool table. I definitely want to make a second domino pool trick shot video that's even more complicated!

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Amazing Billiard TRICK SHOTS
19 Jan 2021
Amazing Billiard TRICK SHOTS
crobwin · 15 Views